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Kobe Isoda Farm Inc.

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Founded by Mr. Monji Fujii, uncle of the current President.


Mr. Mitsuo Isoda, father of the current President, inherits the business and renames it Isoda Farm.


Current President, Mr. Hiroyuki Isoda, joins Isoda Farm.


December, 2010

Kobe Isoda Farm, Inc. is established.

Hiroyuki Isoda assumes office as President


Hiroyuki Isoda assumed the role of President  six years ago, at the age of 27.

He leads and manages Kobe Isoda Farm, Inc., which has won the highest awards for Kobe Beef, and consistently produces Kobe Beef of the highest rank.

Proud to be a Wagyu beef producer 

Our Message 

Kobe Isoda Farm boasts a high level of industrial techniques, proven successful by its many awards in Kobe Beef competitions.


"We use techniques based on our long experience, for careful, reliable husbandry. No matter what, 365 days a year, we check the cattle, and if any of the cows is in poor condition, it receives medical treatment at an early stage. This is one of our basic policies. We're certain that our customers can expect the finest product and most satisfying flavors. We plan to continue our effort moving forward, and present our products to the world with pride."

Certificate for producing a premium Kobe beef 

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Followings are the countries available to supply: Taiwan , Thailand, Vietnam, Macao, The Philippines, Singapore, Russia and Myanmar.

We cannot  ship to other countries under the control of  facility certification and agreement by the Japanese government.