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The Characteristic Deliciousness of Kobe Beef


Kobe Beef’s deliciousness has been scientifically proven. 

You can easily see the marbling, the fat intertwining beautifully with the muscle.

For Kobe Beef, this fat is so delicate that it melts at a touch from the warmth of your hand.

The real deciding factor, though, is the high amounts of oleic and inosinic acids.

Calves of Incomparable Heritage

The pedigree of the animal unquestionably determines the quality of the meat.

Facing the Japan Sea, the Tajima-ushi breed comes from the mountains of Tajima, where plains are scarce.

Held in high regard as the peak of the small number of Japan-born Wagyu cattle, these cows are being used in selective breeding programs to improve stocks throughout Japan.

This pedigree has produced tame cattle with prime constitution and disposition for generations, and has gradually spread from Tajima to be raised in many regions of Hyogo prefecture.


Excellent Heritability

The strong genes of Tajima-ushi have led to these cows being used as “Moto-ushi,” or seed stock, for selective breeding programs throughout Japan.

Those cows of exceptional quality are considered a new bloodline, “Tsuru,” or “Tsuru-ushi.”

Tajima-ushi includes three types of Tsuru-ushi “Atsuta-tsuru,” “Fuki-tsuru”, and “Yoshi-tsuru,” all of which produce cows with dominant desired traits that breed true across generations.

The Purebred Tradition

Tajima-ushi cows are valued highly as seed stock, and bear a brand name and legacy recognized throughout Japan. Through all this, the cows’ pedigree is secure and protected.

It is our privilege to showcase the pride and passion of the farmers who protect the legacy of Kobe Beef and Tajima-gyu, and present the fruits of their labor to the world.

about us 

Based in Hyogo's Tajima region, Tajima-gyu calves from selected suppliers are carefully raised. Only cows selected according to Japan's strictest judging standards are allowed to bear the name of Kobe Beef.


Until now, we at Kobe Isoda farm have taken on the role of fatteners, while other families play the role of breeders. Now we are setting our sights on building a new style of husbandry, breeding and fattening our own animals.

As we increase our stable of breeding cows, we hope to help maintain and strengthen the Kobe Beef brand.

If we can increase our production, we can provide a stable supply of Wagyu beef, supporting both the increased "Inbound Consumption" from tourists visiting Japan, and allowing us to export to global markets, expanding the reach of our business.

As an integrated production system, handling everything from breeding calves to fattening and shipping, we will be able to tender safe, high quality beef, with a name and face you can see.

This is the ideal we continue to develop towards.

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Followings are the countries available to supply: Taiwan , Thailand, Vietnam, Macao, The Philippines, Singapore, Russia and Myanmar.

We cannot  ship to other countries under the control of  facility certification and agreement by the Japanese government.