Our Management & Controll

  Environmental Controls

  • Maintained hygiene in a natural environment

  • A cow barn designed for both people and animals

    • Equipped with both sprinklers and fans

  • Stress Relief Practices

    • Background music plays, nose rings are prohibited

  • Regular Health Maintenance

    • Clean water & prescribed natto bacteria

 Calf Raising Practices

  • Careful Screening at Acceptance

    • Applying 70 years’ worth of experience and craft.

    • Registration & pedigree checks

  • Careful Upbringing & Maintenance

    • Creation & maintenance of upbringing records for each calf

    • Disease prevention & blood test data

(vitamins, minerals, and cold medicine)

  • Feeding regimen controlled by growth and past data

Growth to Adulthood & Shipping

  • Feeding and vitamin regimen controls

  • Regular patrols, day and night

  • Feeding regimens to improve meat quality and marbling

  • Shipping at 30 months of age

Cattle Count: 400 Heads

Cattle Raising in Relaxing Natural Surroundings

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Followings are the countries available to supply: Taiwan , Thailand, Vietnam, Macao, The Philippines, Singapore, Russia and Myanmar.

We cannot  ship to other countries under the control of  facility certification and agreement by the Japanese government.